Bitget: What is crypto asset staking? Explaining yield and how to do it


What is Bitget’s crypto asset staking? We will explain the currencies and interest rates offered and how to do so. Bitget offers staking, and it is a system that allows you to earn yield just by depositing the currencies you own, so it is recommended for beginners, and it is an investment that does not require special techniques, so it can be recommended for anyone. It becomes.

Bitget company profile and safety

Bitget is a virtual currency (crypto asset) exchange based in Singapore and was established in 2018. It is one of the top exchanges on CoinMarketCap, and has over 8 million users in over 100 countries around the world, making it one of the most popular and recommended exchanges worldwide. Copy trading is very popular on Bitget. It has the advantage of being easy to make profits just by setting it up, but it is also possible to make a lot of money on your own. Currently, Lionel Messi has a partnership contract.

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運営会社Bitget Limited

Financial license acquisition

Bitget has comprehensive financial licenses in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Bitget has obtained three licenses from the Financial Services Agency since 2020, and the necessary conditions are strict and it is not easy to obtain one, so it can be said to be a somewhat reliable exchange. It is a financial institution that has regulations against money laundering, terrorist financing, etc., so it can be said to be quite safe.

United StatesFinCen

Establishment of protection fund

Bitget officially states that it has established its own $300 million protection fund. What this means is that if Bitget is hacked and the user’s assets are damaged, the user’s assets will be protected. If you have suffered damage from fraud due to hacking or information leaks, you will now be able to apply for compensation from the protection fund. It’s guaranteed so you can feel very safe.

Distribution of registered users

Bitget has become a globally popular exchange and has the characteristic of having registered users all over the world. According to TradersUnion, a review site for virtual currency exchanges around the world, there are many users in Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Venezuela, Ukraine, Japan, India, and the United States. The main attraction is that there are many users in the Americas. The exchange is often featured in news stories in the media, so it attracts a lot of attention.

Source : TradersUnion

What is staking? What kind of investment is it?

Staking is an investment that allows you to earn a yield by depositing virtual currency on an exchange. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are usually required when trading futures and spot stocks. However, staking is just a deposit. By using virtual currency held for a long time for staking, you can obtain a higher yield through operation. Bitget offers four services: “PoS Staking,” “BGB Staking,” “Savings,” and “Launch Pool.” VIP members receive preferential treatment.

What is PoS staking?

The staking provided by Bitget is PoS staking. PoS is a consensus algorithm that is used by many virtual currencies. It will be a mechanism to contribute to blockchain network approval and earn rewards. For example, Ethereum uses a consensus algorithm. With PoS, the more you stake cryptocurrencies, the more you earn. Normally, to participate in PoS blockchain staking, you need your own validator node, but in PoS staking, Bitget acts as an intermediary and stakes on behalf of the user. The coins that can be deposited are as follows, including Bitcoin.

  • ETH
  • ACA
  • ADA
  • TIA
  • AVAX
  • SUI
  • SOL
  • DOT
  • APT
  • ATOM

You will continue to earn interest on your rewards unless you unstake them. Please note that 5% of the interest earned will be deducted as Bitget’s service fee. Rewards vary greatly depending on each currency, and each yield changes dynamically. Experts also identify the timing of buying and selling and make proactive investments based on the timing.

What is BGB staking?

BGB staking is a system that allows you to earn yield by simply staking and depositing BGB, a Bitget token. ​​The number of free withdrawals varies depending on the amount of BGB you have staked. By staking, you can earn an annual yield of 2%. Inclusion makes it easy to make money. You can get a quick return, so you can invest bullishly.

LevelVolumeNumber of free withdrawals per day

What is saving?

Saving is similar to staking, but strictly speaking, it is different. Bitget’s savings mainly include flexible savings and fixed savings. With flexible savings, you can release the deposited virtual currency at any time, whereas with fixed savings, you cannot freely release the staking. Therefore, fixed savings have better yields. It is a better and more solid investment than aiming for profit through automation such as grid BOT. Many people, even professionals, are taking on the challenge.

What is a launch pool?

In the launch pool, you can divide the virtual currency existing in the pool by staking BGB etc. This is also explained in the article below. A certain period is set for each launch pool, and staking done within that period will be eligible for rewards. The timing of implementation is irregular. With a top-class number of stocks, you can discover the stocks that interest you.

How to do staking? How do I do it?

So how can this actually be done? First, you will need to create an account. In the case of staking, it is a condition that you have completed KYC authentication, so please be sure to complete your identity verification. Procedures are required before purchasing tokens. Products include major coins such as BTC and USDT. You can decide which stocks to stake while looking at data on the web. There are a wide variety of stocks, and you can easily increase your principal. There are many trading methods such as grid and copy trading, and there are also benefits such as campaigns and bonuses.

After logging in, you can automatically earn yield by selecting each investment from “Bitget Earn”. Please click. If you are unsure, please contact the center via chat for details. Since it is a function that allows you to obtain yields on a regular basis in real time, it is attracting attention from new users, and once you start and make a deposit, you can invest immediately.

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For staking, you can stake by selecting each brand below. Since we are a top global vendor, we have many brands and many other events such as Launchpad and Airdrop. Be sure to check the news as well, as the management team instantly updates the latest articles on the latest stocks. It is a safe exchange with many promotions.

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It is a system that allows you to enter the amount you actually deposit and earn a yield. You can also check the margins. The advantage is that the platform is extensive and you can stake while making decisions. Make sure to check the rules and terms of use and calculate before investing. Unlike regular futures trading, there is no need to be aware of trends, price movements, ranges, zones, or position slippage. It is a very easy investment as you can generate income just by exchanging and managing it.

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Notes on staking

I explained that it is a system that allows you to earn a yield just by depositing it at the end, but there are also risks when using it, so please be careful of the following points. Similar to automatic trading, NFT and P2P, it is compatible with a large number of stocks and can be traded. The key is to buy listed coins low and sell them high. There are a variety of opportunities to learn and earn. Invest by depositing money into your wallet with your debit card, MasterCard, or Visa. Aim to generate profits that exceed expectations and increase profits.

locked for a certain period of time

Overall, staking includes flexible staking, but fixed staking is always locked for a certain period of time, regardless of the investor’s intentions. This is a risk because if there is a big price change during that time, you will just have to wait and see. There is a possibility that the market will plummet, so be sure to check the market price every day. It is important to increase your assets by being proactive. The staking procedure is the only one that is simplified in bulk, so it is very easy.

Virtual currencies have high volatility

Virtual currencies have the problem of high volatility. Virtual currencies have extremely high liquidity compared to investments such as FX. Therefore, while you can expect a large return, there is also a hidden risk of large losses, so please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will make a profit. Learn and invest in your favorite stocks. You can also invite your friends, so everyone can trade together.


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