Bitget: Explanation of how to trade with maximum leverage


I will explain how to do maximum leverage trading on Bitget. Bitget has extremely high leverage, so it has the advantage of being able to aim for large profits from small amounts. It is possible to trade with high leverage of up to 125x, making it one of the exchanges that can be recommended for a wide range of traders, from beginners to experienced traders.

Bitget company profile and safety

Bitget is a virtual currency (crypto asset) exchange based in Singapore and was established in 2018. It is one of the top exchanges on CoinMarketCap, and has over 8 million users in over 100 countries around the world, making it one of the most popular and recommended exchanges worldwide. Copy trading is very popular on Bitget. It has the advantage of being easy to make profits just by setting it up, but it is also possible to make a lot of money on your own. Currently, Lionel Messi has a partnership contract.

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Financial license acquisition

Bitget has comprehensive financial licenses in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Bitget has obtained three licenses from the Financial Services Agency since 2020, and the necessary conditions are strict and it is not easy to obtain one, so it can be said to be a somewhat reliable exchange. It is a financial institution that has regulations against money laundering, terrorist financing, etc., so it can be said to be quite safe.

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Establishment of protection fund

Bitget officially states that it has established its own $300 million protection fund. What this means is that if Bitget is hacked and the user’s assets are damaged, the user’s assets will be protected. If you have suffered damage from fraud due to hacking or information leaks, you will now be able to apply for compensation from the protection fund. It’s guaranteed so you can feel very safe.

Distribution of registered users

Bitget has become a globally popular exchange and has the characteristic of having registered users all over the world. According to TradersUnion, a review site for virtual currency exchanges around the world, there are many users in Russia, South Korea, Mexico, Venezuela, Ukraine, Japan, India, and the United States. The main attraction is that there are many users in the Americas. The exchange is often featured in news stories in the media, so it attracts a lot of attention.

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Bitget’s maximum leverage is 125x

Bitget futures trading allows you to trade with up to 125x leverage. In spot trading, it is 10 times higher. Futures trading (leverage trading) is a trading method that allows you to use the margin deposited in your virtual currency exchange account as collateral and buy or sell for an amount larger than the margin. For this reason, it is much more popular than spot trading, and it is said that you can aim for large profits from small amounts. However, there are risks in holding too many positions. Both spot and futures have high leverage, so it is recommended for Bitcoin investment. Please check the terms of use and rules in advance.

Compatible with zero cut system

Bitget uses a mechanism called zero cut system. No debt is incurred in the transaction. If your account balance becomes negative at some point, Bitget will compensate you for the negative amount. It is a very nice system as it has the advantage of no margin call. Even newcomers can start and participate right away and aim for returns, but caution is required as there are large fluctuations.

Currency pairs that can be traded with leverage

Currency pairs that can be traded with leverage are as follows: The leverage of major coin pairs such as Ethereum is as follows. Maximum leverage varies depending on the currency. BGB tokens can also be invested. If you have the funds for the service, there are many options. There are many events such as promotions, campaigns, airdrop acquisition benefits, savings, and launch pads, so check the official website for details. You can start learning instantly.


Fees for leveraged trading

The fee for leveraged trading varies depending on the network, but it is 0.17% for Maker and 0.051% for Taker. Please note that Bitget’s transaction fees vary depending on your account rank. The taker and maker change at the VIP level, which is explained in the article below. Click on the following articles to check out the things you need to know when investing in the market. This is a recommended exchange to start with as it has many of the latest listed coins and events.

How to use leverage trading

Let me explain how to use leverage trading. First of all, you need to open an account. Please refer to the buttons and articles below to complete the account opening. Furthermore, complete KYC verification and payment. You can also invest automatically through the app. You can view data such as automatic trading and NFT on the web, manage it, and trade from the page. It’s a top-class exchange, so let’s check it out. You can earn money while experiencing a variety of popular stocks. There are many products and services for corporations are also available indefinitely, so take advantage of the excellent service that is most suitable for you.

After logging in, select futures trading from “Trade”. Various ranges and trends occur every day, so find opportunities and invest. It is important to use the chart as much as possible and take on challenges. It also has other features such as P2P exchange and grid trading, so make sure to make full use of them. First, aim to gradually increase your capital. It is very easy to use as it also has a calculator and allows you to download your transaction history.

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You can select your favorite pair of stocks from the currency pairs in the upper left. Then, place an order to buy or sell using the buttons from the bottom right. Prices will fluctuate at a constant rate, so take your time and opportunities and order products in real time. There are so many categories of coins on offer. When trading, it is important to buy low and sell high because it is easy to lose one or two. Learn and take advantage of dynamic market prices! Overall, certain types of slippage are extremely unlikely to occur, so it is easy to invest.

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If you access the order screen, you can perform the following operations. You can manipulate and adjust the leverage ratio and then place an order at the market price. Of course, you can place not only market orders but also limit orders, and you can also specify the quantity. You can safely invest in your favorite stocks every day. The management has also introduced blogs and communities, so it is necessary to check the latest articles and other trends. You can increase your assets by taking proactive measures like an expert, so it is important to be able to see through new market prices and increase your assets. Getting lucky will also be important.

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