MEXC Global: Affiliate program features, rewards, and affiliate portal


MEXC has an affiliate program. MEXC is a popular cryptocurrency exchange around the world, and it is very popular because there are users all over the world. The details of the MEXC affiliate program are summarized in an article.

Affiliate of MEXC

MEXC affiliates are different from general affiliates. Many regular affiliates have a system where you get paid when you register an account, but with MEXC, you don’t get paid just by registering. The timing of the reward will occur when the user who opened the account makes a trade. In other words, as long as the registered person continues to trade, the reward will be earned permanently. Sign up for our service now and start earning with promotions.

Transaction fee 45-55%

MEXC affiliates can earn 45% to 55% of the transaction fee. This is an overwhelmingly high reward ratio compared to other virtual currency exchange affiliates. Rewards are paid in the virtual currency traded.


MEXC is an unusual exchange among virtual currency exchanges. If there is a sub-affiliate and the person who registered from your invitation link becomes an affiliate, that person will be your sub-affiliate. You can get 10% of the reward earned by the sub-affiliate.

Dedicated Manager

Once you are enrolled in our affiliate program, you will be assigned a dedicated manager. As you become an affiliate, you will get customer service. You will be able to ask any kind of affiliate question.

air drop

MEXC affiliates have some advantages over affiliates from other exchanges. This is because if you register for MEXC’s affiliate program, you can receive a monthly airdrop bonus. Airdrops are often anonymous coins, but sometimes there are major coins such as Ethereum, so I’m very grateful.

Operation separate from trading account

MEXC accounts and affiliate accounts are separate and independent. Therefore, they are not operated in the same way. To log into the affiliate management system, you will need to obtain an affiliate account and set an individual ID and password. Do not confuse this information with your trading account as it is different information.

Affiliate benefits

MEXC affiliates also have benefits, so we recommend you try it. Specific benefits are as follows.

Project recommendation

This is a benefit only for users who are registered as MEXC Affiliates, but you can recommend projects that are participating in MEXC to the management side. If you have a currency you recommend, you should try pushing it.

VIP treatment

MEXC will be able to receive VIP class treatment. When you register for MEXC’s affiliate program, you will be assigned a person in charge, and you will be able to contact that manager 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing for a very close exchange of information.

exclusive activity

This is a benefit only for users who are registered as MEXC Affiliates, but you can get a chance to get Mday/Launchpad tokens. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for an affiliate program.

Affiliate application method

To join the MEXC affiliate, first open a MEXC account. The link below explains how to open an account.

If you can open an account, go to the affiliate application page. Please move from the link below.


Click “Join” from the link below.

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Enter your name, email address and password for your affiliate account. Click “Start now”.

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We will explain how to advertise. Fill in the necessary information and click “Apply” to complete. After that, there is an email verification at the end. Send the email verification code, enter the 6-digit number listed, and click “Submit” to complete the application.

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After submission, it will be the review period on the MEXC side. Results are usually available within a day or two. Please wait to hear from MEXC’s official account manager.


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