Bybit: Is it illegal for Japanese users to use virtual currency? Ban? Reviews, reputation, and experience commentary


Bybit is an overseas virtual currency exchange that is used and supported by many users around the world, but this article will explain whether it is prohibited for Japanese people. In fact, the majority of users are Japanese. Virtual currency exchanges can be used by anyone in Japan, but we collected reviews and reputation to see if you can truly trade with confidence.

Bybit company profile

Bybit is an overseas virtual currency exchange based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Please refer to the article below for information about the company and license acquisition status. In conclusion, there is no possibility that it is illegal to use information from the official website if it is used by a Japanese person. Although there are rumors of withdrawal, you can still send money from the homepage. The service is provided without any problems or regulation. There is also authentication in the app, which is very convenient to compare. There is a possibility of losing funds, so be careful if you are a new user.

Reviews from overseas users

Reviews by overseas users are summarized in the article below. Bybit is a highly recommended exchange as it has a lot of highly rated users. It is ranked as high as Binance in the rankings, and currently has many of the latest services for Japanese people, so it is not illegal. You can perform the latest trades such as p2p, futures, and spot trading directly from the menu. It’s easy to use and has good security settings, so you won’t have any problems with payments.

Global distribution of Bybit users by country

Bybit users are said to be all over the world, but where are they located in the first place? Japan has the most in the world. The next most popular countries are the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Australia. In addition, it can be said that there are users from India, Canada, and South America. Bybit, which is deployed all over the world, has successfully acquired users from all over the world.

Source : Tradersunion

word of mouth and reputation

We have collected both good and bad reviews, mainly from Twitter reviews, so please use them as a reference. Be sure to check the terms of use and policies in advance. It is compatible with your mobile phone or smartphone app, and the platform is easy to operate. It is also attractive because it has perfect measures against hacking. It is a major exchange that you can use without any problems even if you are worried. Currently, the operating company’s costs are low and the operation is easy, so you can rest assured.

user friendly

Bybit receives high marks for ease of use. Most people, from beginners to advanced users, rate it as an exchange that is easy to trade. Although the Japanese corporation is not registered with the Financial Services Agency, each function is easy to use and security measures such as KYC are in place, so it is safe. Events are being held and P2P sales are being held, and the systems will likely become even richer in the future.

User interface

Some users say that the user interface is very good. A good UI also means that it is easy to use. There are few places in Japan where you can access this much and order products easily on the screen. Currently, it is a service that is popular and has a high level of system, so users are satisfied with it.

high quality support

Bybit’s support center also supports Japanese. Since Japanese people can only speak Japanese, it can be said that it is very fulfilling. In Japan, we have received a warning from the Financial Services Agency, but security such as KYC is solid, so you can trade without risk regardless of region. However, please be careful as there are fake sites in some areas.

Legal currency not supported

Bybit does not support legal tender. Therefore, some people find it troublesome because deposits and withdrawals are handled in the same way after exchanging from fiat currency to virtual currency on other exchanges.

low fees

Bybit withdrawal fees tend to be cheaper than other exchanges, and the reality is that many people choose Bybit because of this.

high leverage

Bybit has 100x leverage, so many users are very satisfied. In addition, there are many brands that we handle, so we can recommend it.

No margin call

Bybit has no leverage limit and zero cut is adopted, so it is very popular. There is no risk of users incurring debt.


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