Bybit:Crypto Exchange bonuses, campaigns and how to use Account opening, deposit bonus summary


Bybit is an exchange with a lot of bonuses and campaigns among virtual currency exchanges. The bonus can be used as a margin for trading, so it can be used very effectively. Take advantage of our many bonus offers.

Bybit bonus list

Details of the latest bonuses, campaigns and promotions are below. Bybit’s dedicated campaign center also has a lot of great information that can help you make a profit. Compared to other companies, there are a lot of bonuses, so we recommend it as it has a good reputation even among first-time users. This is a big opportunity, so let’s check it out. Some items can be received immediately.

Options trading campaign

This campaign offers 15% off option transaction fees for newly registered users for 30 days. It is valid only for 30 days after registration, and after the campaign ends, the refund amount will be calculated from the total option transaction fee paid and distributed to the account.

New registration campaign

Bybit’s new registration campaign gives you bonuses for completing tasks when opening an account. There are multiple bonuses. These can only be received once per person.

Bonus conditionsCompensation amount
Bybit followersFollow Bybit on SNS5$
First deposit privilegeDeposit $200~5〜40$
spot trading$300 worth or more of physical transactions5$
derivatives tradingDerivatives trading worth $10,000 or more5$
active traderCumulatively traded for 3 days5$

P2P Exclusive Bonus Lottery

A bonus lottery event will be held for those who use P2P trading. You will receive 1 reward for every 100USDT P2P transaction amount during the period. This event is for a limited time. The most recent was in July 2022. You will receive 1 reward for every 100USDT P2P transaction amount during the period.


In addition to the above P2P-only bonus lottery, bonus campaigns are held irregularly. These campaigns may also be announced on Bybit’s official website, so please check the homepage from time to time.

New deposit bonus

Even when you make your first transfer to your account, you will receive a 200% new deposit bonus and a 100% additional deposit bonus. This bonus was offered from August to September 2023, and may be offered again. A bonus has been granted to users who have completed identity verification level 1 and have made a transfer to an MT4 account.

MT4 account creation campaign

Bybit was running a limited-time campaign for those creating new MT4 accounts. The condition is that you will receive 30 USDT just by registering and verifying your identity. This bonus that was held in 2023 may be held again.

50000USDT deposit campaign

A campaign was held where users who deposited 50000 USDT could earn VIP level 1 status. Normally, you have to clear a certain trading volume to raise your VIP level, but with this campaign, you can raise your VIP level just by making a deposit.

Spot transaction fee 0 campaign

This is a campaign where trading fees are free for spot trading pairs. This campaign was held in 2023 and was applied to all pairs in spot trading, excluding derivatives and leveraged tokens.

USDC accumulated staking

With USDC accumulated staking, you can earn an annual interest rate of 5.5% by depositing USDC. Staking starts from 50 USDC, so even users with a small amount are eligible to participate. What’s more, you can always get a refund.

bonuses and promotions

Bybit offers bonuses and coupons. Each type has different uses and available features, so be sure to avoid confusion before accessing them. Let me explain the difference. At the same time, the latest information on bonuses is also distributed through the operating media, so be sure to check it out.


Bonuses can be used as trading margins and trading fees for derivative trading. In other words, it means that you can trade only with credit. If there is a loss on the transaction or there is a commission, it will be deducted from the bonus before the funds.


Coupons are redeemable only for commissions on derivative transactions. This means that the coupon will be paid when the transaction fee is deducted. Coupons with no expiration date will never expire.

Notes on bonuses

Be careful when using Bybit bonuses. There are many types of bonuses that you can receive, but there are regular ones and limited-time bonuses, and they are treated differently. First, understand the rules and overview by yourself. Conditions may change depending on the situation.

Derivatives only

The bonus can only be used for derivatives. Please note that physical transactions are not eligible for bonuses. Therefore, you should be careful when using bonuses.

Bonus disappears when you withdraw

The bonus will disappear when you withdraw. Be sure to use the bonus before applying for a withdrawal. The bonus can only be used as trading margin. cannot be cashed.

date of expiry

The bonus has an expiration date. Bonuses will expire automatically 21 days after you receive them, except for non-expiring bonuses. Once you’ve earned your bonus, make sure you claim it as soon as possible.

How to receive bonuses and promotions

If there are any bonuses or coupons available for redemption, you can check them on the member page. Please log in first. If you have not registered as a member, you can register from the following.

First, log in and click the red frame in the upper right to open the menu. Select My Benefits from here.

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It will transition to the following screen, so you can get the score from this screen. Receiving is possible by manually operating everything.

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Bonuses held in the past

The following trading bonuses have ended, but the following bonuses have been held in the past, so there is a possibility that various bonuses will be held in the future. I will introduce some of them for your reference.

Cumulative deposit bonus

If your total deposit amount is 1 BTC or more, you will receive a $20 bonus.

Up to 1025 USDT and 30% reward bonus

In the “Referral Program Campaign”, when you refer a friend, you can receive benefits worth up to 1025 USDT. Both the referrer and the referred will receive 10 USDT for each friend who completes a deposit task and 15 USDT for each friend who completes a transaction task.

spot trading bot festival

This is a campaign where you can win a prize pool of 10,000 USDT just by trading with a spot trading bot. During the event period, the first 500 people who achieved a trading volume of 500 USDT or more with their spot trading bots received 10 USDT as a bonus.

MNT listing commemorative campaign

The MNT listing commemorative campaign is a new registrant campaign where 100 MNT will be given to 10 people through a lottery. It was a campaign where if you deposited the equivalent of $100 or more during the campaign period, you would receive 100 MNT as a gift.

Demo trading battle

This is a campaign where you can receive demo funds after creating a demo account and participate in a prize pool of up to 5,000 USDT. By practicing derivatives trading with demo funds, I was able to participate in a portion of the prize pool.

MT4 account creation campaign

By creating a Bybit MT4 account and making a deposit, you can earn a new registration bonus of 100 USDT and a deposit bonus of 5,777 USDT in total.


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