What are the reviews and reputation of LBANK? Thorough explanation of fees, deposits, and withdrawal methods Virtual currency exchange


This article provides a thorough explanation of virtual currency exchange LBANK’s fees, account opening, reviews, reputation, and usage. It is a popular exchange around the world, especially overseas, and provides services in over 200 countries, including Japan. Therefore, I will explain the details about this exchange.

About basic information of LBANK

LBANK is a virtual currency exchange founded in Hong Kong in 2015. We provide services in over 200 countries. It is a highly recommended exchange for those who want to start trading right away or those who want to cut out the troublesome procedures, as it allows you to open an account without having to go through identity verification (KYC). It’s very convenient because you can check the latest news and currency listings, and also make inquiries via live chat. The basic information is below. We handle different major coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, and USDT. We recommend that you register to view it if you wish.

Operating companyLBANK
locationHong Kong
Coins handled100~
transaction feesMaker : 0.1%
Taker : 0.1%

High security level

LBANK implements KYC and other measures to prevent hacking. We are working to improve security by using SSL and two-step authentication. Therefore, we have not experienced any damage yet, so it is one of the exchanges that is very safe and reliable.

Characteristics of LBANK

The features of LBANK are listed below. We also have affiliates such as LB, so we recommend them. There are many services available, so there is a good chance of making money. Even if you are a beginner, it is simple to use and the screen is easy to use, so you can make purchases intuitively. However, virtual currencies are highly liquid, so caution is required.

Transaction fee is flat 0.1%

The transaction fee is a flat rate of 0.1%. It is highly recommended because it is set uniformly for both makers and takers. Fees do not easily change depending on transaction volume or currency. It is also possible to order higher quantities.

You can also trade using a smartphone app

LBANK can be traded using a smartphone app, and of course you can trade crypto assets using a web browser or app. Both allow you to trade virtual currencies, view and analyze charts, operate them, and contact support. This is a great service compared to others.

NFT Marketplace

LBANK operates the currently popular NFT marketplace. It is called LBank NFT, and there are many ways to buy and sell it, including purchasing project works at a set price and auctions. Although the transaction volume is still small, the NFT market is expected to grow significantly due to the influence of Metaverse and blockchain games.

Wide variety of tokens available

LBANK handles over 100 types of virtual currencies. We are also focusing on handling ICOs, and provide a service that allows you to participate in token sales within the LBank exchange. Therefore, it is possible to quickly invest in virtual currencies with high future potential.

Full support center

LBANK has a full support center. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in addition to email support, we also offer live chat support. You can do various types of trading such as staking and spot trading.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

LBANK supports remittance in virtual currency as a deposit and withdrawal method. Select a network from your wallet and send money from the address. You can access it from other exchanges, convert fiat currency, and send money.

What do the actual reviews look like?

What do the actual reviews look like? We have collected reviews from TradersUnion, a major review site. The main users are from Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, etc., and there are also many users from the United States and Vietnam. At that time, we will also be disseminating news on social media (twitter), so be sure to check it out.

Source : TradersUnion

Customer support is slow to respond, and security concerns are unsettling. Additionally, the lack of clear information about transaction fees can make it challenging for users to accurately assess the costs of trading on Lbank, further adding to the frustration and dissatisfaction among clients. Lbank falls short of expectations, and I would advise caution when using it.

Source : TradersUnion

They called from Lbank Exchange and said that they take all the funds from my deposit to the account in payment for a telephone conversation with the manager. And they chose the tone, well, very persistent and arrogant! They stole $450 from me! Shame is simple, it’s just thieves!

Source : TradersUnion

I started trading on Lbank in 2020. Everything went fine and I even managed to withdraw my first profit. Over time, the company has significantly improved its service and diversified its range of assets. In addition to actively trading on this platform, I also passively invest here. The staking conditions are just fine.

Source : TradersUnion

A perfect Lbank exchange is still far away, but over time it may well take a place at the top. In many respects, the exchange is already winning against a background of competitors because it has a loyal commission policy, a wide variety of assets, and opportunities for both active and passive earnings. During the six months that I have been trading here, I have not seen problems with either the execution of transactions or the withdrawals of profit. The service works 24/7. The minuses include a weak support team and the lack of a variety of communication channels.

Source : TradersUnion

Although there is no demo account on this platform, it is not needed. The company does not set requirements for a minimum deposit so you can start cooperation with $10,000 or $10. I have been in crypto trading for about a year, so I am familiar with the TradingView terminal. I didn’t have to spend a lot of time on adaptation and familiarization with its features. And yet, if you are worried that you will not be able to cope with trading, you can use the investment solutions that are offered on the site. Like most other crypto exchanges, this is staking.

Source : TradersUnion

I see no reason to trade on the Lbank exchange. The most basic drawback is the inability to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency. Does it make sense for me to register and transfer my coins to someone unknown for the sake of exchange? I can do it directly from my crypto accounts without any problems.

Source : TradersUnion

You can open an account for free

You can officially open an account for free. If you have an email address or phone number, you can create an account and log in by setting a password. Registration can be done by clicking below. Once completed, you can trade, but be careful of the risks. Also check the terms of use and disclaimer. Some people can make very good profits.


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