Can NFT selfies be sold? How? A thorough explanation of whether it will sell

This article explains whether NFT photos can be sold on the blockchain and the methods and procedures. The NFT market has been rapidly expanding in recent years. Partly because of this, many individual investors and creators are entering the market. In such a situation, the number of creators who are selling their photos is increasing. Can self-portraits sell?

Notes on NFT photos

When selling NFT photos, please be aware of the following points. NFT photos can be sold, but problems can arise if you’re not careful. There are some people who purchase images with wallets etc. and make them into collections, so it has value. If you register, you can sell for free. Posting is easy as all you need to do is save the detailed data in an app. In order to sell, tips to sell will also be important. It’s best to choose something that people will click on the screen. The number of users who purchase by sending money through Metamask etc. is increasing.


A copyright is a right that arises in relation to a work. It is a law that was enacted to protect rights and develop culture, so it is prohibited to buy and sell other people’s works. It is prohibited to take pictures of other people’s paintings and sell them without permission.

right of portrait

The portrait right is the right that each person has to prevent their appearance from being photographed without permission and the photographed photograph from being used without permission. When using photos with people in them, you need permission from everyone in the photo, so please do not use them without permission.


A trademark right is an exclusive right granted to a trademark used for goods or services. The effect applies not only to identical trademarks and designated goods, but also to similar ones. Characters, figures, symbols, etc. are protected as trademarks.

Advantages and disadvantages of NFT photography

When using the illustration and photography categories, please be aware that they have advantages and disadvantages as they are different from art and music works. In digital buying and selling, which is currently a hot topic, it is a new step to sell using social media, news, etc., and the method of management will also be questioned. For photographers to succeed with pixel art, etc., the key point is that the content must have added value. Recently, more and more people are giving users benefits when starting out, such as receiving items for participating.

NFT creation is easy

NFT creation is easy. To convert a photo to NFT, it is possible with a smartphone. So it’s very easy because you just have to take a picture with your smartphone and sell it. Anyone can do this, so anyone can make money.

few entrants

Currently, there are not many people selling NFT photos. It is also a market that can be said to be an opportunity. Only individual creators have entered, so there is a possibility that you can earn enough even if you enter from now on.

low cost

For general photo exhibitions, it is common to rent a gallery to display and sell photos, but this has the disadvantage of being expensive. On the other hand, NFT photos can obviously cut costs, so the hurdles are very low.

royalty income

NFT works can be set to generate royalty income to the author when resold. The more you resell, the more part of the transaction amount comes into your hands like royalties, so it can be said that it is a very delicious business.

change in value

The history of NFT and virtual currency itself is still short, the value is very fluid, and the current situation is that the up and down fluctuations are very intense. Perhaps because of that, the value of works and currency fluctuates very well, so the market is characterized by being very unstable, with cases of large losses and large profits.

Examples of NFT photos

This is a case where photos taken in space are sold as NFTs. This is the world’s first NFT, so it attracted a lot of attention.

NFTs sold on OpenSea. This is a photo of a fantastic landscape surrounded by ice that is sold as an NFT photo.

NFT Marketplace allows you to enter the NFT marketplace and actually do business. To do so, you will also need to open an account. If you would like to exhibit your work, please open an account. It is also introduced in the article below. You can turn your favorite NFT photo into an icon. You can create it safely like OpenSea and sell it using the latest network. The number of projects is increasing, so let’s promote your work in the trend.


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