What is copy trading? Advantages and Disadvantages: Thorough explanation of virtual currency trading methods

Copy trading is one of the reasons is so popular, with 24/7 email and live chat customer service. At, even beginners can suddenly win by using copy trading. The reason is simple; you can win quickly because you entrust your funds to skilled traders. Of course, since it is an investment, you cannot always win 100%, but the winning rate is overwhelmingly higher than beginners.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a trading method that aims to make a profit by copying the trading details of a specific trader. Copy trading can perfectly copy the trading method by following the trader. The entry timing is the same as the timing of the trader who entrusted the funds, and the settlement timing is also the same. Since it is operated by a virtual currency professional trader, there is an advantage that even inexperienced beginners can earn money. Trading is done automatically according to the trader, so there is an advantage that you do not have to watch the chart all the time.

copy trade fee

Copy trading incurs a fee. The summary is that if a profit is made, the user will have to pay a commission per price (profit distribution) to the trader indefinitely in futures or spot trading. A commission of about 8% to 10% will be paid. Copy trading fees will only be charged if there is a profit. Copy trading is also possible with the app, and you use margin as collateral to compete in fluctuating market prices, but since there are skilled traders, the risk is low, so it is safe.


Copy trading cannot always be started immediately. In order to copy trade, you must complete identity verification. After registering with, please apply for identity verification as soon as possible. Please also check the terms of use and rules. At the same time, check out media news, blogs, SNS, etc. Get the latest information. It helps you predict when to buy and sell items.

Advantages and disadvantages of copy trading

At first glance, copy trading may seem to have only benefits, but in reality, this is not the case. There are both advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to know them before deciding whether to do it or not. allows you to trade major currencies, and stocks such as bitcoin, ethereum, tether, and xrp can be traded in the market. Institutional investors are also participating.


The advantage is that all funds are entrusted to professional traders, so it is very easy to win. For beginners, it takes 2-3 years or more to be able to win. But by entrusting it to a professional trader, you will soon be able to win. A professional with experience and technology will earn instead. And you don’t even have to look at charts. This is because the content of the transaction is exactly the same as the professional trader of the entrusted company.


The disadvantage is that you can’t improve your skills yourself, so your trading will never improve. Therefore, the biggest disadvantage of copy trading is that you cannot grow yourself. Furthermore, even if you are a professional trader, you cannot win 100%. Even professional traders can experience large drawdowns, so be prepared and consider whether to outsource.

How to start copy trading

At first glance, copy trading may seem to have only benefits, but in reality, this is not the case. There are both advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to know them before deciding whether to do it or not. allows you to trade major currencies, and stocks such as bitcoin, ethereum, tether, xrp, dogecoin, solana, cardano, etc. can be traded on the market. Institutional investors are also participating.

Please log in first to start copy trading. Select copy trade at the top of the formula.

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Scroll down the “Copy Trading” screen to see the top traders. You can copy by selecting the trader whose performance you want to check from the displayed results.

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After entering the transaction information, select copy mode. Copy mode selects either automatic copy or custom (set details yourself). Check the order and if there is no problem with the entered information, click “Copy”. This completes the copy trade.

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How to confirm results

Click on the trader name to see the trader’s past performance. In order to reduce risk, it may be necessary to follow several traders with different trading styles. When you start copying, it is wise to consider whether or not to follow up after confirming this track record.

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Abundance of transaction formats

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Lots of events

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maximum leverage is high

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The product also supports fiat currency

Deposits can be made via bank account, debit card, or credit card, as well as fiat currencies. Compatible with: There is also testnet, and you can start with a demo. Before making large trades, it is recommended that you first become familiar with various trades online.



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