Bybit: How to set maximum leverage for Bybit virtual currency trading Fee explanation


Bybit, an overseas virtual currency exchange, has low fees and allows you to trade with considerable maximum leverage. However, it is true that while you can aim for big profits, there are also big risks, so you have to be careful. Please make sure you understand this before making a transaction.

leveraged trading

I will explain Bybit’s leverage below. Bybit has a wide variety of stocks among overseas exchanges, and leverage varies depending on the method of trading, ordering, and ordering stocks. Regardless of whether it is a limit order or a market order, set the leverage by considering the amount and loss. There are various leverage options available, such as 25x, 50x, and 100x. This can be changed, and we will explain how to do it below. It is recommended to start with a small number of users. Registration is free and once completed on the app, you can start trading. Earn money with cash and futures.

There are bonuses and campaigns

Bybit offers bonuses and campaigns, so you can use these rewards for leverage trading. You can also trade popular stocks such as BNB, DOT, and BTCUSDT. Bybit has many attractive features, so it is recommended for both new users and advanced users. There is a compulsory loss cut, but since a zero cut is adopted, there is no risk of chasing debts. Spreads are relatively narrow. Start trading with small amounts.

Maximum leverage

Bybit’s maximum leverage is 100x. However, not all currencies are 100x. 100x leverage is limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum only. The leverage ratio of the main currency, in the case of USDT unlimited, is as follows. The advantage is that the volatility is higher than FX, so it is suppressed. This allows you to reduce losses.


Types of leveraged trading

There are three types of leverage trading: There are differences in the number of supported brands for each. The number of brands that can be supported by each differs. There are 150 USDT unlimited stocks, 16 USDC unlimited stocks, and 10 inverse stocks. If you take advantage of opportunities well, you can capture the rising market price yourself. Get the best flow to avoid failure. It is important to aim for the timing regardless of the period.

USDT Perpetual150
USDC Perpetual16
inverse contract10


USDT perpetual contract is a trading method that uses USDT as margin. You can trade at 1USDT=1USD. The USDT perpetual contract has the characteristic that price movements tend to be gradual, so it can be traded stably. It is easy to enter and enter, so if you acquire knowledge, you can earn money. Wait for opportunities in the charts. It is also possible to aim for profits with two or more stocks.


USDC indefinitely is a contract with no expiration date, using the stablecoin USDC as margin, and you can continue to hold your position as there is no expiration date. Compared to the above-mentioned USDT unlimited service, the disadvantage is that the number of stocks that can be supported by the platform is quite small.

inverse contract

An inverse contract is a trading method that uses BTC, ETH, XRP, and EOS as margin. Since the price of virtual currency fluctuates violently, the value of the virtual currency, which is the margin money, also fluctuates, so it is characterized by violent price fluctuations. If the virtual currency used as margin rises, the margin will increase, but vice versa.

Fees for leveraged trading

Leveraged trading fees depend on the trade. There are differences depending on the currency pair and trading category. Please consider the following when long selling, short buying, loss cutting, additional entry, and settlement of crypto assets. In addition to this, a funding rate will also occur every 8 hours.


How to set up and trade

Bybit has two margin modes to control leverage.

cross margin

A trading method that uses all funds in the account as margin. Depending on the deposit amount, the margin can be used up to the maximum limit, so the possibility of loss cut can be reduced. Conversely, there is also the possibility of a large loss, and there is also the risk of losing the entire amount. This is more for experts.

separation margin

A trading method that uses part of the funds in the account as margin. Since the funds available for margin are small, there is a high possibility of loss cut, but there is no risk of losing all the funds in the account. This trading method is recommended for beginners.

Setting method

While logged in to your account page, select “USDT perpetual”, “USDC perpetual” or “Inverse contract” from “Derivatives” at the top of the top page.

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Since it will be a trading screen, click “Cross” and “Separate” on the right to display the screen. Make settings on the following screen and press “Confirm” to confirm. Margin mode can be crossed or separated. It can be set by moving the position leverage bar left and right.

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Characteristics of leveraged trading

Leverage trading has various characteristics. Please be careful as the leverage is higher than other exchanges such as GMO, DMM Bitcoin, MEXC, Binance and Bitflyer. Since it is different from spot trading, you need to be careful in setting the leverage in advance. Please set it to a minimum. There are a wide variety of major currencies, and you can purchase, check your balance, manage your wallet, and buy and sell on your smartphone.

High execution power

Bybit’s leverage trading has extremely high execution power. This is achieved by providing a stable trading environment because Bybit’s management invests a considerable amount in the environment such as servers. Therefore, users can fully utilize this environment in each market.

strong server

Bybit’s servers are very strong and rarely go down, depending on the time of day. Compared to other virtual currency exchanges in Japan, Bybit’s servers are extremely strong, so stable operations can be expected. Bybit is popular and recommended when starting out as it has good reputation and word of mouth.

Zero cut system

Bybit uses a zero-cut system, so there is no need to worry about margin calls. With the zero cut system, the virtual currency exchange will compensate for any negative losses, so traders can trade with confidence even in the worst case scenario. However, while high leverage allows you to earn money, it also comes with high risks, so in order to maintain your precious funds, you should refrain from trading aiming for high returns.


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