A thorough explanation of the characteristics, demand, and future prospects of the virtual currency Bluzelle (BLZ/Bluzelle)


We will thoroughly explain the characteristics, demand, and future potential of the virtual currency Bluzelle (BLZ/Bluzelle). Bruzel offers a variety of services for content creators. This article will explain the features and future prospects of BLZ.

What is the virtual currency Bluzelle? About the features

The virtual currency Bluzelle (symbol: BLZ/Bluzelle) was developed by a company called Bluzelle in Singapore. This virtual currency is developing a decentralized database service for DApps. Bruzel operates in a highly secure data storage and distribution space that aims to protect data from creators and developers around the world. I will explain the characteristics.

Brith Date2018
Market capitalization¥68.02 (2024)

Unique technology

Bruzel has its own network and uses two types of tokens: BLZ and BNT. One is the ERC-20 standard BLZ and the other is the native token BNT. BLZ tokens are required to use Bruzel storage. If users want to use Bruzel storage, they will purchase BLZ tokens on the exchange. BNT is like gas or fuel for the network.

Very safe

Bruzel has strong security measures and decentralized database. Distributing the data significantly increases security, reducing the risk of data being tampered with or stolen by a third party.

Development results in games

Bruzel is a blockchain for GameFi that provides high-quality game development and protection of player NFTs. We are developing applications based on Ethereum. Bruzel has received high praise in the gaming industry. The app and associated ecosystem have received widespread support.

What about the future of BLZ?

Let’s take a look at BLZ’s price prediction. To predict the token price, look at the market chart.

Latest chart

The chart of BLZ is shown on the monthly basis of coinmarketcap. It has remained stable from 2019 to 2023, but has skyrocketed in 2024. It is said that it will rise even more from 2025 to 2030. This is due to the fact that it has received high praise in the gaming industry and has started partnering with various companies.

Source : https://coinmarketcap.com/

Expansion of cloud services

The need for cloud data services that can be stored without worrying about storage capacity is growing year by year. As can be seen from the increasing demand for cloud computing among both IT engineers and infrastructure engineers, companies are moving more and more to the cloud, so the value of BLZ is expected to increase as needs increase year by year.

Recommended virtual currency exchanges where you can purchase BLZ

Finally, I will introduce virtual currency exchanges where you can actually purchase this virtual currency. We have compiled the information for your reference. We have selected recommended exchanges that cover Bitcoin, altcoins (Ethereum (ETH), Tether, etc. (USDT), Ripple (XRP)), and where you can invest in a large number of coins. It is an exchange where you can trade using an app or a computer. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is no risk and you can make a large profit by making payments. It is safe because a loss cut is adopted when the amount of loss exceeds a certain amount.


Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore. However, it later moved its base to Dubai and is a virtual currency exchange that is expanding globally. The leverage is quite high at 100 times, and the number of coins handled is over 300, so it is quite fulfilling. Overall, there are plenty of big campaigns and bonus services, which is a plus.


MEXC Global

MEXC Global is a virtual currency exchange established in Singapore, Asia. The main users are Japanese, but it is spread all over the world and millions of users transact every day. It handles over 1500 virtual currencies, and you can also speculate on unknown coins, so it is recommended. The maximum leverage is 200x. News also provides information on coins that are attracting attention.

ExchangeMEXC Global


Gate.io is a virtual currency exchange established in China and may have a suspicious image, but it is currently based in the Cayman Islands and is very safe. It handles the largest number of coins in the world, with over 1,700 issues, making it the most recommended exchange for those who want to speculate. We also communicate through the media when new listed coins are released.

LocationCayman Island


KuCoin is a virtual currency exchange established in Hong Kong, but has now moved to the Seychelles Islands. We have successfully expanded globally as a virtual currency exchange that is traded by 8 million people around the world. You can invest in over 700 virtual currencies. The operation is thorough in verifying the identity of the user, and funds can be deposited at a financial institution and international remittances can be made to the wallet.



BitGet is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore. Currently, there are millions of users around the world, and it is popular because it has very solid security. The latest copy trading has been introduced in the industry, and it is very famous and has a large number of registered and participating users. The amount of money will increase because you imitate the buying and selling details of experienced traders, both short-term and long-term. You can increase it starting from a small amount.


Points to note when trading virtual currency

One thing to keep in mind when trading virtual currencies is that taxes are payable when profits are determined, not losses. Please be aware that if you make a similar profit on overseas virtual currency exchanges, you will be required to file a tax return in the future. Downloading transaction history is also popular and quite convenient, and the technology and functions have progressed considerably. If you are buying in cash, be sure to check as there is a possibility that the prices of the stocks you are holding have soared without you knowing. Please also check the terms of use online.


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